For Inpatients

    1. Step 1 Hospitalization decision
      • After receiving medical treatment, hospitalization is decided by the attending physician.
      • If your doctor decides to hospitalize you after receiving medical treatment, you need to receive a hospitalization request form, follow hospitalization procedure and make a hospitalization appointment at the hospitalization reception desk of the hospital admission team on the first floor of the main building.
    2. Step 2 Hospitalization Procedure
      • A guardian (joint surety) shall be present at the time of the hospitalization process and prepare a hospitalization agreement.
      • After finishing the hospitalization process, you need to submit your hospitalization and discharge registration card to the nurse's station of the ward. (Entry to the hospital room is possible after 14:00.)
    3. Step 3 Hospitalization appointment
      • If your surgery date is determined or you do not have a hospital room on that day, we will make a hospitalization appointment for you.
      • You only need to come to the hospital on the designated date and time together with your guardian (joint surety).

    Depending on the circumstances regarding hospital rooms on the day of hospitalization, there may be a difference between the preferred and the assigned room.

  • Hospitalization is determined only when is deemed necessary for medical treatment. If the attending doctor ordered to discharge you due to your treatment progress, you should follow the doctor’s instructions.

    This is to avoid unnecessary hospitalization due to fatigue recovery and the inconvenience of going to the hospital, and to induce an appropriate medical treatment.

    1. Step 1 Discharge decision
      • When your discharge has been decided and the attending doctor notifies your discharge, the medical expenses will be settled.
      • You will be notified of your discharge one day in advance and the corresponding procedures will be conducted from 9:00 to 12:00.
    2. Step 2 Completing medical expenses settlement
      • When the medical expenses settlement is completed, the payment reception desk will contact you for discharge.
    3. Step 3 Medical expenses payment and outpatients appointment
      • After hearing the nurse’s explanation about the discharge notice, you shall pay your medical expenses at the payment reception desk with it. If you are discharged on a holiday or at non-work hours (from 5:00 pm to 8:00 am), you will be required to pay a discharge deposit and provisionally discharged. The medical expenses will be settled again within 2 ~ 3 days. (Please check your SMS when you do the settlement.)
      • If you want outpatient medical treatment after discharge, you can inquire at the nurse's station about it in advance, and you can make the payment when calculating the discharge medical expenses. You will receive a discharge medical expenses receipt and an outpatient appointment card.
    4. Step 4 Receiving discharge medicine
      • Please check the discharge medicine and outpatient appointment day at the nurse's station.
    5. Step 5 Discharge
      • The discharge procedures will be completed after your discharge payment.

    Information on Elective Medical Treatment

    • Elective medical treatment (special medical treatment) means that you or your guardian can appoint a specialist to receive medical treatment.
    • The elected medical treatment expenses shall be paid by the patient according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare rates. You can change your medical treatment to elective during the general medical treatment.

    Issuance of Medical Certificate and Receipt

    • Contact : 820-3419, 3377
    • Outpatients : You can apply for a medical certificate through consultation with your doctor. You can get it at the certificate reception desk (1st floor, B1).
    • Inpatients : Please apply for a medical certificate to the relevant nurse’s office 2 ~ 3 days before discharge. The procedure is the same for outpatients.
    • Reissuing a receipt : A receipt of the desired date can be reissued by submitting your ID and family relationship documentation at the payment reception desk. (You can also get it from our website.)
    • Depending on the patient's condition and the situation at the relevant medical department, the receipt may not be issued on the day of discharge.