Insurance Services

You can use your insurance coverage while getting the medical services at Uijeongbu St. Mary’s hospital.

Tricare Beneficiaries

We help you by billing directly to tricare WPS if you are U.S Military, family members and retirees. DoD civilians are not included.

Once, active duty and family member have a commander sponsor order that you should get a referral from MTF to make an appointment at Uijeongbu St. Mary’s hospital. Besides, tricare select and plus holders have a responsibility to pay for annual deductible and co-pay.

Korean National Insurance Coverage (NHIS)

When you hold a Korean National Insurance Coverage (NHIS), you can make an appointment through the call center 1661-7500.

If you have a referral letter issued by a local clinic doctor, to call refer center 031-820-3425 to make an appointment or counseling.

Please see below link for NHI guideline in this regard:

International SOS

Besides, we continually try to improve customer services by going into partnerships with International SOS with the aim of fully responding to patients’. Other demands such as the guarantee of payment, tourism, transportation, lodging, etc.

Other International Health Insurance

We help you by billing directly to your insurance company on behalf of you when you do not hold a Korean National Insurance Coverage (NHIS).

For this, please contact your insurance company to make sure you understand benefits and plans that you are covered:

  • Confirm that Uijeongbu St. Mary’s hospital is a contracted provider of services for your plan
  • Request and obtain a Guarantee of payment (GOP) letter, if it is required by your insurance company
  • Confirm any limitation or exclusion of the guarantee of the payment letter

Preparation of medical records for insurance claim

Medical records

  • You should require to us to get the medical records in advance.
  • Cost will be depended on the number of pages. After payment, you will receive your medical records.

Medical certificate [ex: medical report, physician’s statement, birth certificate, etc.]

  • Please ask for medical certificate in advance before your consultation.
  • You can ask for your doctor directly and doctor will write your requested medical certificate or report in English.
  • You can get medical certificate at the medical record department after payment.